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stratmann form

bird - large - oiled

bird - large - oiled

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Forged large bird with horizontally oriented split tail.

steel, oiled

120 cm high, 20 cm wide

The forged bird in large version is made of a 20mm thick round steel and has a split tail, which gives it a special character.

All birds are hand forged and thus get a unique structure and shape.  During the forging process, each hammer blow leaves a mark on the material and contributes to the unique character of each piece: Craftsmanship that you can feel and see.

Handmade and individual, our birds are perfect as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

The surface is oiled with a special oil to slow the rusting process and ensure an even patina.

We cannot guarantee that the piece we ship will look exactly like the piece in the photo. Each bird is unique and varies slightly in shape, color and texture, which gives it a special charm. Your bird is unique and is individually handcrafted for you.

All pieces are made in Germany.
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