we celebrate imperfection

In opposition to conventional production, handmade products may vary slightly in size, form or colour. Subtle differences and flaws are contributing to the unique character of each piece. We see these imperfections as an expression ofthe creative process of craftsmanship.

  • handmade

    We combine ancient craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. Each piece tells the story of its creation: from the idea, the design and the handcrafted manufacturing process, which involves a lot of precision and dedication.

  • long-lasting

    Steel is a long-lasting and very durable material that also has a high reuse value. This conserves resources and creates products with a long service life. We focus on conscious, selected consumption instead of following fast-moving trends.

  • individual

    Our products bring individuality to your life. Through individual, handcrafted production, we create pieces with unique personality. We believe that beauty is in the details and small differences make our products special.